To the Editor:

Sept. 7 marked the 35th anniversary of when I won the lottery of a lifetime.

On that weekend, I decided to roll five dollars worth of pennies and head out to Fire Island, off Long Island, specifically the uber chic beach town known as Fire Island Pines... and the rest is a fairy tale for me, and us.

On Sept. 7, while walking along the beach, I met my future spouse, who spent the summers out there creating textile designs, which he would later sell on 7th Avenue and in the D & D Building in New York City.

Over the years, we have lived, worked and travelled together, first in New York, where I have acted as my spouse's licensing agent, director and publicist, and now in the Litchfield Hills of northwest Connecticut.

Over the decades, we weathered the LGBT civil rights movement, the AIDS crisis, where once I was arrested on Wall Street with 119 other ACT- UP activists.

And now I'm a justice of the peace, where I perform marriages for gay and lesbian couples, many of whom weren't born when Ken and I first met.

I'm very grateful for my fairy tale, but with that, one must still make the world a better place.


Joseph A. Mustich