To the Editor:

I write this letter in support of candidates Bob Gamper and Ginny Zellner for the Sherman Board of Education.

These two individuals have each had four years of experience on the Sherman Board of Education, as well as Mr. Gamper's role as chairman.

As with most positions, one does not recognize the hours of dedication involved in being a member of the Board of Education. It is certainly more than sitting in the audience as an interested citizen.

Having already served on the Board of Education gives both Ginny and Bob the knowledge of the many hours of work, how to ensure the board works effectively, and allows them to serve children and taxpayers of our town in the most efficient manner.

Together, they provide many years of vast experience as educators, they provide balance in board membership by representing our total community, and they are clearly the best candidates to remain on the Board of Education.

I ask you to support Bob Gamper and Ginny Zellner for the Sherman Board of Education in the Nov. 5 election.

Thank you.

Carol Muska