To the Editor:

I urge all voters on Nov. 6 to look for Ballot Question #2 to help protect CT public lands.

Current law allows the Connecticut State government to sell of its forests, public lands, even state parks without any public input.

This ballot initiative would require the legislature to hold a public hearing and have a two-thirds vote of the General Assembly before any state-owned park, forest, farmland, or wildlife management area could be sold.

We are all concerned about the Connecticut state finances, and without added protections the state could sell off public land to help balance the budget.

This public land really belongs to the people of Connecticut and they should be able to voice their opinion, before state properties are sold.

This would provide greater transparency for the public and added protections to ensure that beaches, forests, and landmarks that help define Connecticut will remain part of our public spaces for future generations.

Connecticut cannot afford to sell off public lands without public input.

I urge those who love our open spaces to vote YES on this ballot initiative.

David W. Geiger