To the Editor:

I own a small business in New Milford and I support Cecilia Buck-Taylor for state representative for the 67th District.

I know she runs a small business of her own and employs several people. Ms. Buck-Taylor understands how important it is to manage money responsibly, balance the budget and not borrow against tomorrow for the debts that need to be paid today.

I think the most recent fiasco in which the state had to use our tax dollars to go to the Supreme Court to argue against a clearly worded statute as to the right positions on the ballot is a sad example of how those in control in Hartford can waste our money.

Cecilia's experience, as a small business owner, as a former second vice president on the Greater New Milford Chamber of Commerce and as a former chairwoman of the Economic Development Commission, has given her a unique and informed position on how businesses operate and how the government can negatively impact a business's ability to be successful.

Cecilia knows the tough times can call for tough decisions. With her experience as an attorney and as a conservator, making life-altering decisions for the people she takes care of, she's not afraid to make those tough decisions.

Cecilia also knows there comes a time when doing "business as usual" is no longer good for anyone in the state.

And we all know that time is now.

Much like Cecilia has done her best to take advantage of all the opportunities given to her, let's not miss this opportunity to send a really capable person to Hartford.

I hope you'll support Cecilia Buck-Taylor and send her to Hartford.

Linda A. Fina

New Milford