Urges vigilance about cell tower plans

To the Editor:

The New Milford Town Council has given its support to a plan to construct a series of radio towers in the various districts of town to facilitate a dedicated wireless communications system for police and emergency services.

Because it is noncommercial, the process for approval does not involve a public agency like the state Siting Council, which played a significant role in the previous Verizon cell tower application.

The public is, for the most part, unaware of the specific details of this latest plan and it is unclear what or when the proponents should provide this information.

It is probably not safe to assume that, just because the plan addresses a public need, it would be unanimously endorsed.

In Gaylordsville, a similar proposal for a 125-foot cell tower at the firehouse was opposed by homeowners who maintained it would be unsightly and diminish their property values.

There are many questions about this latest plan and people deserve answers.

The police department is leading this effort and has indicated it open to making a presentation at a meeting with the local community. That would certainly be a positive step.

Reed Hotchkiss