To the Editor:

The New Milford Parks & Recreation Department does a wonderful job maintaining the parks in New Milford.

I visit the parks twice a day with our dog and it's been a nice addition to have biodegradable bags available to pick up dog droppings.

Oddly, a few dog owners don't seem to know how to dispose of those bags and toss them into the woods.

I consider it a privilege to walk my dog in our parks. I don't want that privilege to be taken away from us because a few people are irresponsible.

I called Regional Animal Control Officer Audrey McKay and she explained the disposal policy: "The poop bags should be put into the garbage cans at the park and not tossed into the woods. No one wants to see decomposing bags of dog poop when they go to visit the park."

Please be a responsible pet owner and clean up after you dog. When a dog dropping is left behind it's just gross to step in, transmits disease to other dogs and is an eyesore.

Our Parks & Recreation employees work very hard to keep the parks nice and clean. Let's return the respect to them and other park visitors.

Sally Andersen-Bruce

New Milford