To the Editor:

The statement in a recent letter, "charity has no part in government": Weren't those President Hoover's last words before he lost the White House to President Roosevelt?

It seems FDR had a better read on the majority, served them so well he was elected to four terms.

Not once did he run unopposed. What a novel idea.

Just why did none of Mayor Pat Murphy's predecessors feel the urge to oust Biddy Roger and her Loaves & Fishes helpers from the Richmond Citizen Center?

Why has the mayor been so against Loaves & Fishes from her first term?

About the poor taxpayers footing the bill to help house a charity. It's not unheard of, it's not illegal and it's not unconstitutional.

The government calls such things non-government organizations and frequently assists the Red Cross in disaster area and war zones. Or do you think the Red Cross always travels on its own dime, protected by mercenaries?

Guess again, or do a little research.

Doesn't every person on both sides of the soup kitchen issue say the same thing: "Loaves & Fishes does provide a valuable service to the community?"

Even those who feel the town shouldn't support Loaves refer to the soup kitchen as a deserving organization. So are they all empty words?

How valuable is valuable?

The mayor has chosen to not release those figures.

Just how much has the town paid to house the soup kitchen per year? One million dollars? Two million dollars?

That would explain the mayor's swollen budgets and high property taxes.

But before we scapegoat the poor for the mayor's failed economic policies, let's take a look at who is hurting the worst under the mayor's leadership.

According to the 2010 census, 6.3 percent of the residents of New Milford -- approximately 2,000 by 2014 -- live at the poverty level, half of those far below.

The poverty stricken can't create their own jobs, mayor.

Bringing in large retailers to further exploit the poor with low wages and no benefits will never solve the problem.

I'm really disappointed with the people of the town who would such allow a fine woman, Lisa Martin, whose only crime is she stepped forward to help the poor, to end up living under the stress of an unappreciative mayor.

The public needs to step up to the plate and bring this nonsense to an end.

It's not just hard hearted, it's unconscionable.

Penny O'Gorman

New Milford