To the Editor:

The New Milford school district is making some positive changes.

Starting in November, grades K-3 students receive new report cards with detailed information to better communicate with parents how their children are progressing.

Grades 4-5 are also expected to receive new report cards, which are still in the developmental stage.

Some seventh-graders are taking a pilot algebra class, allowing for geometry in eighth grade.

Grades K-5 started a new math program.

And there is talk of adding language to sixth grade, but the district needs to look at this more closely before recommending it as a good choice.

And last, the parent portal is now live for the high school community, and will eventually be available for all families in order to check on your child's progress.

Parents will know exactly how their children are doing on a regular basis just by logging onto the portal.

One message heard over and over again is it takes time to roll out these changes. It takes time to look at curriculum and make positive changes. It takes time for the parent portal to be rolled out into every building.

It takes time.

At a recent Board of Education meeting, board member David Lawson noted every goal for the superintendent was to be done over a three-year period, except for the biggest, which is the redistricting, and he found that "troubling."

Receiving a 5-4 vote from the board on June 18 to close John Pettibone School and shifting grades K-8 into four buildings in one year isn't taking time.

It took two years for the board to process the information before taking the vote and have it pass.

Why isn't it taking at least two years to implement the board's decision?

If it takes time to make intelligent choices that would have a positive effect on our children, then why aren't we taking the necessary time to make the transition a positive experience for staff, faculty, bus drivers and, most important, our children?

Kathleen Dunlap

New Milford