Urges residents to attend Pearl Harbor ceremony

To the Editor:

Once again, Pearl Harbor Day is at hand on Sunday, Dec. 7.

It is a time for all of us who value the freedom we all share today by giving thanks to the veterans, living and dead, who sacrificed so we can sleep, work, play and enjoy life in a peaceful country.

From time to time, we are reminded of the sacrifice and the tragedy of war when we lose a comrade or a family member whose blank check on their lives for the defense of Freedom has been filled in full.

The upcoming Pearl Harbor Day ceremony in New Milford this year will commence from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Andrew B. Mygatt Hall, at 11 Avery Road at 9 a.m. on Sunday.

As a show of support for our "defenders of freedom," we ask each and every one of you to come and pay the proper respect for the veterans.

The veteran of today is respected and revered by millions of Americans nationwide.

In the continuing tradition to honor them and to maintain the legacy of their efforts for the "altar of freedom," we look forward to seeing you at the ceremony.

God has blessed us with this great nation and with the veterans who secure the freedom we share.

Jeffrey B. McBreairty

Veterans Committee

New Milford