To the Editor:

With the national campaign for Presidential and legislative candidates ramping up and getting more press, one topic I do not hear much about is how our elected candidates will ensure we continue to have a strong Social Security in place so that our children and future generations will have Social Security to help them when they retire.

As a retiree, I am fortunate to collect the Social Security benefits I earned after commuting and working long hours in my career.

These are benefits earned by the weekly deductions my employers took from my paycheck.

What concerns me is the future of Social Security as we know it — our society and economy have changed very much since Social Security was passed in 1935.

We need our elected candidates at the national level to demonstrate leadership in reforming Social Security.

If no reforms are made to Social Security, according to the Social Security trustees, people paying into the system now and in the future will see the benefits earned cut by as much as $10,000 a year by 2034.

Please contact your legislators and ask them for their plan to keep the Social Security program strong for the future.

Make some calls — even contact them through their website — to ask the questions that will benefit your children and grandchildren.

Kathy L. Null