To the Editor:

I am truly dismayed over the possibility of the closing of New Milford Hospital's birthing center.

The hospital and its facilities have been a draw for young families moving into the area for many years. The residents of New Milford and the surrounding towns have supported New Milford Hospital and its physicians for decades. Now it is the hospital's turn to support our communities. Our young families deserve this.

I would also be concerned that the ob/gyn doctors will move closer to Danbury Hospital, leaving New Milford with even more empty office space. I foresee a decline in the quality of our lives if this happens. If the hospital has to run the birthing center in the red, well so be it.

Please ... keep the birthing center. Stay open.

I urge you, the readers, to write to the vice president and executive director of the hospital, Deborah Weymouth, expressing your views.

Help save your birthing center.

Gail Cowser

New Milford