To the Editor:

I am someone who has both a cellphone and a traditional landline. I value them both.

The cellphone is great for staying in touch when traveling or on the go.

My landline, however, is my primary source of communication.

I appreciate how reliable it is, never having to worry about being cut off due to bad reception or power outages.

Landlines are very reliable during power outages when cellphones and other technology cease working. I have no plans or intentions to get rid of my landline.

Unfortunately, a bill being pushed by AT&T (H.B. 6402) would allow it to stop providing telephone service to thousands of people like me who have a landline with features like caller ID or long distance.

As a consumer, I'm worried this new law would threaten my safety and security. Landlines are, without question, the most reliable form of communication in an emergency, allowing 911 to pinpoint your exact location and respond in a timely fashion.

AT&T argues this bill would allow it to modernize but, what it really does, is allow them to walk away from the services and customers that are less profitable.

I'm all for innovation but not when my personal health and safety are at risk.

The bill has already passed out of committee despite the concerns of numerous consumer advocate groups. State legislators should stand up for their constituents and vote "no" on H.B. 6402.

Kathy L. Null