[Editor's Note: The following is open open letters to members of the Roxbury Zoning Commission from Dr. Alan Braverman].

Dear sirs/madam,

In the setting of the greatest economic downturn in the past 30 years, it defies common reason in my opinion to redefine the criteria for a business which has operated without conflict for more than five years.

The general election of 2012 was contentious, but both political parties reaffirmed the basic tenet that small business success was essential for employment for sustenance of local government through sales and income taxes, and for economic growth.

Rather than retrospectively heap strict restrictions on a small business to limit its profitability or to assure its demise, it might be worth realizing the climate in Connecticut favors restaurants in general during the warm months, namely June through September (four of 12 months) to maximize profits to survive the winter months in general.

This is the same for garden shops and lawn services, the latter which cause noise which we all somehow tolerate on weekends at 7 a.m. The winters can be harsh and difficult, with loss of power and snowstorms which limit business opportunity.

Mamie's restaurant has a very loyal clientele, is set back from the road and has enough parking so traffic on Route 67 is not compromised. It is limited by a very small indoor space with significant investment in its kitchen.

The income from an increased clientele during the four-month outdoor window is significant to its survival. It is not a chain restaurant which would change the character of any of the surrounding communities, including Bridgewater and Washington.

As for complaints from adjacent properties, the hamburger stand has ample outdoor seating and is set back from the road, as is Mamie's.

The hamburgers may indeed be delicious, but are they nutritious?

If you choose to live on a well-traveled highway, it seems a very specious argument to even suggest a restaurant across the street will produce unbearable distraction and loss of privacy.

Please come to your senses, good people of the Roxbury Zoning Commission. Do you want to support small business in America or obliterate it?

Alan Braverman, MD