To the Editor:

After attending the Bridgewater annual town meeting on May 25, I was sure the Board of Finance would act in the best interests of the town and adjust the treasurer's salary as recommended by the vast majority of residents attending.

Two weeks later, the finance board had a meeting to discuss the matter.

I attended that meeting. It seems the finance board doesn't think it should abide by the will of the voters. At the very start of the meeting, the chairwoman, Nancy Hawley, declared she had the right to throw everyone out.

A few days later, all residents received a letter from Ms. Hawley and Mr. Reed claiming the town vote was, in essence, "no good" and the democratic process is in jeopardy.

Seems to me, Ms. Hawley is the one jeopardizing the rights of voters.

I have lived in Bridgewater for 23 years and have never seen the finance board try to run the town and take away the voice of the people.

Sharon Gawe