United voices stir ‘feelings of oneness and solidarity’

To the Editor:

I recently found America in the most unexpected place, at the Police Athletic League facility in Danbury.

As the State Qualifier for young Wrestlers was announced, we all quietly and respectfully faced the American flag with hands over our hearts.

The recorded “Star Spangled Banner” began. Then it stopped.

It began again. It stopped.

In the stands, on the mats, along the walkways, wrestlers, families, young and old waited, and then a most amazing sound was heard from the stands.

Someone began singing; another followed, and soon we all began singing.

The swell of our voices; the feelings of oneness and solidarity; the harmony we felt was as if we, in this most unexpected place, found the America so many of us have been missing of late.

What an event. Thank you.

E. Amorosa