Steep Rock Association in Washington is seeking the public’s help in monitoring bluebird boxes during nesting season.

A training session will be held March 30 from 4 to 5 p.m., prior to the field season, which runs from April 1 through Sept. 1, at SRA’s office at 2 Green Hill Road.

Following the indoor session, a carpool will take place to the bluebird box trail at Macricostas Preserve in New Preston.

Registration is required by calling 860-868-9131.

Citizen science is a method where non-professionals contribute to scientific studies. It has proved to be an effective way of performing projects, some that may not be achievable otherwise, while engaging and educating the community.

NestWatch is one such nationwide effort that relies on this group of individuals.

Initiated by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, it is designed to track the status and trends in the reproductive biology of birds.

Documenting successes and failures of nesting birds not only provides insight to professional ornithologists, but also to SRA, which strives to best steward the land for a variety of wildlife including cavity-nesting birds like the bluebird.

People of all ages and experience levels are invited to participate in the second year of this project.

Citizen scientists will have a unique look into a breeding bird’s life by observing construction of a nest, counting eggs laid and hatched, watching the development of offspring, recording behavior of adults, and documenting invasions by other animals.

“Being a part of NestWatch helps me to feel connected to the natural world in a time of tech overload,” said volunteer Joan Templer. “Going out to Macricostas Preserve and witnessing the bluebirds building their nests restores my faith that Mother Nature has a master plan, and we are all part of it.”