To the Editor:

This is in response to the Letter to the Editor of Jan. 19 by Bonnie McFarland regarding the model train exhibitors.

I need to state that Adam Weaver is the person responsible for everything that people came to see and enjoy. He worked with the Chamber of Commerce, former Mayor David Gronbach and the New Milford Commission of the Arts to make the holiday model train display happen.

He is the one who organized the volunteers like me who help design and set up the layouts. And, he was there every minute the building was open.

So, I want to extend my thanks to Adam and all the other New Milford Train Nutz who help me get engaged each year in such a fun activity.

When I see the faces of children from 2 to 92 light up, it gives me a joyous feeling. And, isn’t that what the season is about!

Jim Hamill

New Milford