Mayor Pat Murphy found developing the town's budget for 2010-11 to be a particularly difficult task this year.

State money coming to municipalities is uncertain and federal stimulus money that showed up on the state's doorstep in 2009 has yet to be dispersed to towns, she said.

That combination has rendered it nearly impossible to set the revenue side of the budget, the mayor said Tuesday.

Some $800,000 of stimulus money designated for New Milford roadwork still sits in state coffers, she reported.

A definite percentage of cost increase for town employees' health insurance won't be known until Monday, when the January compensation claims are scheduled to come in, the mayor added. New Milford self-insures.

"Fortunately, we've recouped most of our pension money with the stock exchange being up," Mayor Murphy said. "But the state Office of Policy Management canceled the bond meeting for February, so any new money coming to New Milford from the state is an uncertainty."

The mayor said her snapshot appraisal is very incomplete, making it difficult to arrive at an accurate revenue projection -- a necessity in balancing the budget.

Still, she concluded, the town budget was sent to the printers at the beginning of the week and the mayor will make her presentation Tuesday, Feb. 16 to the Town Council and the Board of Finance.

-- Susan Tuz