To the Editor:

To fellow voters of the town of Roxbury, Jim Conway is the Democratic candidate for a seat on the Board of Selectman vacated by the retirement of longtime selectman Robert "Bucky" Lowe.

Over the years, Barbara Henry, Russ Dirienzo and Bucky Lowe, the current board, have done an outstanding job guiding Roxbury and taking care of its residents.

Jim's goal is to keep Roxbury moving in the right direction. He wants to see Roxbury continue to be a well-governed and friendly town to live in.

It is very important for our town to continue its current high level of maintenance of its roads, bridges and buildings, to keep up our open and dependable government, to support our valued town employees, and, as always, vigilantly protect our rural character.

Jim wants to promote the concept of community, where we all strive to be good neighbors, and believes government has an important role to play.

Over the past 26 years, he has served in many capacities helping the residents of Roxbury.

These include the Board of Finance for 24 years; Zoning Commission for 14 years, four years as chairman; former member of the Roxbury Land Trust for 12 years; and former member of the Roxbury Scholarship Awards Committee for three years.

Jim has great respect for Barbara Henry. We know they would work well together.

We urge you to keep the future of Roxbury in mind when you vote Nov. 5, and ask for your support in electing Jim Conway to Roxbury's Board of Selectmen.

Judith Kelly

Chairwoman, Democratic

Town Committee, Roxbury