To the Editor:

Who is Cecilia Buck-Taylor?

She is a strong-willed lady who has had to work very hard to get where she is today.

As a mother and an attorney, she has paved her way in the community and provided strong support in an avenue of ways that shows she would be a most worthy representative to lead our 67th District.

Cecilia has been very active in our community as a business owner, employer, Town Council member and an ever-present figure in numerous community organizations.

Cecilia has actual background experience from positive participation as a member and chairwoman of the Economic Development Commission, member of the Greater New Milford Chamber of Commerce, Board of Education member for four years and, most recently, as an active and positive member of the Town Council.

Ms. Taylor has always brought a positive and no-nonsense approach to each and every meeting concerning everyone in her community and strives to do what is best for all concerned.

As our new representative in Hartford, Cecilia Buck-Taylor would work in the best interest of each and every person in the district she would represent.

Her extensive background experience in business and ability to work to balance budgets and look to the future for positive ways will help the younger generations of students who will pave the way to secure our future as well as theirs.

We will all benefit from her ever-positive attitude to bring stability and future security to many residents in the state.

I look forward to having Cecilia Buck-Taylor as my representative.

The residents of the 67th District will all gain a woman who will listen to their ideas and problems and implement them into every single aspect of her job as our representative to make our district and the state a better place to live and thrive in.

I support Cecilia Buck-Taylor as our 67th District representative and I implore everyone who wants a more secure district to cast his or her vote for her Nov. 6.

Jeffrey B. McBreairty

New Milford