To the Editor:

Cecilia Buck-Taylor grew up poor. She was one of six children and two adults who lived in a four-room railroad flat in a poverty section of Brooklyn, what we now call a slum.

She graduated from Bronx High School of Science and went on to obtain dual undergraduate degrees from SUNY Albany and her law degree from Fordham.

Cecilia attended Fordham Law School at night while working a full-time job and raising her family, and she was on the dean's list each semester.

Cecilia believes in a strong community, believes in giving back, lending a helping hand. She has given selflessly of herself over the more than 20 years she has made New Milford her home.

From the Board of Education to the Town Council, to helping re-write the ethics rules in town, to serving as the chairwoman of the Economic Development Commission, to being an advocate for children in the state court system and being a conservator for those not able to fully care for themselves, Cecilia has been and continues to be there to lend a needed helping hand.

Cecilia is finishing her first term as the state representative for the 67th District. She promotes business, fiscal responsibility, children's safety, veterans' affairs, constitutional rights and the concerns of the elderly.

Cecilia has earned the respect of both sides of the aisle. She is our voice.

I am supporting Cecilia Buck-Taylor for re-election to the state House of Representatives representing New Milford.

Check her out at

Dorothy Collida

New Milford