To the Editor:

The volunteers at the New Milford Thrift Mart would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped during our fall changeover.

The high school students, spouses and friends made the task much easier.

I would also like to thank several local businesses that helped during the year: The Market in Northville, Litchfield Hills Plumbing, Ring’s End, Fire Control and Hantsch Electric.

We now have our winter clothes and holiday items for sale.

The Thrift Mart will continue to donate all monies to the town of New Milford and those in need.

The Thrift Mart has been able to donate over $2.5 million to our town and will continue to do so.

When you visit the Thrift Mart, please take a moment to look at the list of services that receive our donations.

Susan Metcalf


Thrift Mart

New Milford