To the Editor:

I am an advocate for persons with disabilities, enthusiastic, gung ho and hard charging. I’m a full-time crusader fighting hard for our rights, dignity and respect.

I spoke at Temple Sholom in New Milford May 4 and I told the audience how important it is that those of us with disabilities are respected, accepted and treated as equal human beings.

I want everyone to know that we work hard every single day of our lives to achieve our goals, break down barriers, eliminate the prejudice, discrimination and the stereotyping of those of us with disabilities.

It is extremely important to me that “regular” people please establish relationships with us, associate and interact with us. We want to be friends with everyone.

We have a lot of capabilities, skills, loves and compassion in our hearts, and ask that everyone know that.

In order for everyone else to know and understand us, I strongly suggest that people volunteer to help with Special Olympics, or if they’re looking for a career in working with persons with disabilities, that they apply at Ability Beyond in Bethel.

We also have the Danbury Commission on Disabilities, which meets in a first floor conference room the second Tuesday of each month starting at 6:30 p.m. at Danbury City Hall, except in July and August.

I encourage and invite advocates for persons with disabilities.

People with disabilities and members of the public, please come and attend these meetings to learn about what we’re about, and express your concerns about disability issues.

Chad Sinanian