'Thanks' to all who 'put me back on my feet'

To the Editor:

I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to all the organizations and people that took part in my rescue and recovery from a fall on Oct. 19.

I broke my right thigh femur.

The Bridgewater ambulance medical team transported me to New Milford Hospital with expertise and care.

Dr. Edmund Ganal of New Milford Orthopedic repaired the damage with my thigh so that I would walk again.

I say thank you.

I spent three weeks at Candlewood Valley Health & Rehabilitation Center in New Milford under the director David Segal and his excellent staff of nurses, aides, physical and occupational therapists who put me back on my feet and walking.

They made my stay there a very positive one and I am very grateful to all.

Lorraine Ryan

New Milford