To the Editor:

This letter is a special thank you to The Handy, Dandy Handyman, a nonprofit ministry from St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Brookfield and all of the wonderful volunteers under the supervision of Peter Brady and also my longtime friend, Thomas Powell of General Handyman Repairs.

Mr. Brady heard of my problem. I am battling multiple sclerosis and have been in a wheelchair for years.

My husband passed away a few years ago, and my yard and property have been neglected to the point of complete disrepair.

This special group brought in a dumpster, arrived with a cart full of tools, smiles and high spirits.

These people didn't know me but knew I needed help. They cut branches, picked up trash and raked leaves. They took away broken fences and dead plants.

Their presence and help made me realize there really are people who care.

They asked nothing in return and supplied everything, paid for by the ministry. I would like them to know how very much I appreciate what they did and that I will forever be grateful.

They asked nothing in return but gave me so much.

Thank you and God Bless you all.

Christine Villa