'Thank you for supporting' the library

To the Editor:

The Kent Memorial Library has completed a long-awaited renovation project and opened its doors with a fresh new look Feb. 1.

We remediated asbestos in the flooring of two of the rooms, re-carpeted the entire library with attractive and ecologically-friendly carpet tiles, and painted the entire interior.

The staff, with the help of volunteers, relocated the library for 16 days so we could continue to serve our patrons.

This process would not have been possible without many volunteers, generous supporters, and patient patrons.

We were truly touched by the generosity and giving spirit of the residents of Kent.

We are particularly grateful to the KML staff, Rick Vizzari of Cottonwood Construction (KML board member), John Casey for providing free use of available storefronts on the Kent Green during the renovation, Lorena's Nails, IGA, Tony Hernandez, Peter Vaughn, Megan Sokolnicki and her Kent School students, Bill Dillon, Victoria Sanchez, Alex Sanchez, Andrew Healey, Alice Benjamin, Fr. Klotz and his South Kent School students, Marvelwood School maintenance, crew, Karl Saliter, Dianne Lang, Jon Lafleur, St. Andrew's Church, and our patrons for their patience and good humor.

Thank you for supporting the Kent Memorial Library and we hope that you will continue to do so in the future.

Sandra Edelman and Jim Blackketter


Kent Library Association

Sarah Marshall


Kent Memorial Library