On April 8, the Sherman Conservation Commission sponsored a professional, scientific informational meeting about Cricket Valley, which is slated to be an 1,100-megawatt fracked gas power plant — one of the largest in the Northeast — just a few miles away in Dover, New York, and will have a significant negative impact on our health and environment.

There was standing room only with an audience of more than 150, from local towns in Connecticut and New York and informed New Yorkers coming from as far as three hours away.

Julie Kushner, a candidate for the state Senate, stood up to say this situation is completely unacceptable and that she would be talking to people in Hartford about Cricket Valley the following day.

I hope those currently in local and state government will soon say that they are doing the same to protect us. This should be a campaign issue and residents need to hear what the gubernatorial candidates will do about Cricket Valley.

Grassroots can accomplish anything, so if you do not want a power plant negatively impacting your family's health — as it has been scientifically shown to do when living this close to a stationary point source polluter such as a power plant — the environment and property values, please voice concern and appeal to our local and state governments to work for their constituents to keep us safe.

It does not take much. Even just forwarding a form letter with your name on it is a start.

For those who missed this informational meeting, you can view the video on the Sherman Conservation Commission’s Facebook page.

Those who did not leave contact information can contact StopCricketValley@gmail.com and be part of the solution.

It would be my suggestion that you take a drive up Route 22 in Dover and check out the physical devastation there, when it is only 9 percent complete.

See the enormous monopoles being built — 167 feet tall and planned for 18 miles from the Connecticut border to Pleasant Valley, replacing smaller lattice-style structures.

Don’t just take my word for it; do your own research.

It was clear that the energy is not needed locally and is being sent elsewhere, the owners are largely foreign interests in China, Korea and Japan, it will provide 28 full-time jobs upon go-live, local costs to support the power plant are often forwarded to taxpayers, and the list goes on.

This power plan has exactly zero positive impact on Sherman and our surrounding communities.

I am trying to protect my family and home.

Susan Zeitler is a resident of Sherman.