Car crashes are a major cause of personal major expense, hassle, injury and fatality.

Yet few recognize that car crashes are the leading cause of violence on the planet, in our country, communities; possibly to ourselves, families and friends … until it happens.

SurvivetheDrive, an educational nonprofit injury prevention program, will offer a winter driving clinic Feb. 15 for drivers of all ages to improve their crash prevention awareness.

The behind-the-wheel driving exercises will take place on the snow-covered, infield test courses at Lime Rock Park in Lakeville.

Drivers will understand the capabilities and limitations of braking, turning and maneuvering Lime Rock’s Audi cars on surfaces that any driver may daily encounter with winter driving.

Tire technology, electronic driver aids, skid prevention, causes and recovery, and the science and behaviors that contribute to crashes are part of the informational content.

SurvivetheDrive has been providing driver safety presentations to university and high school assemblies and corporate and conference meetings since 1996, serving an audience of over 130,000. The program is available to visit schools and community groups.

For more information, visit or call SurvivetheDrive at 860-435-1054.