To the Editor:

As a Bridgewater resident for 40 years, I have wonderful memories of an active community through Burnham School, PTO, Bridgewater Fair, Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Department Women’s Auxiliary and the Grange, with family and neighbors.

As a retiree, I want to stay in my home in Bridgewater and age with dignity.

Certainly over the last few years we’ve seen some improvements in structures in our town that previously were allowed to deteriorate over the years. Yet that is not enough.

We are finding our community is at a time where we need a better plan for our town.

We have Burnham School with a small number of students (yes, there are some tuition students); we have many volunteers but struggle to fill our volunteer needs; and we have an inordinate number of homes on the market.

I will vote for Nancy Hawley and Laz Pinter.

These two candidates have the experience and expertise to understand the need for a town plan.

We began our journey a few years ago with the intensive work done by the Planning & Zoning Commission, who researched, interviewed residents and put together the start of a plan for the future.

We need Hawley and Pinter to work to create the broad plan along with the input from residents and town commission members — a plan that will keep Bridgewater a viable town, encourage young couples and families to join us, and to let seniors stay in the town they love.

Kathy L. Null