To the Editor:

My body will be 79 next month, but the mind stays somewhat active.

Just some nonsense nostalgia, here are a couple of things about New Milford that will be lost with time.

People who may remember are getting old. Some of you may be old enough to remember.

Lower Grove Street from Anderson Avenue to near the marina was a state highway.

Wellsville Avenue (and Merryall Road) was a state highway up to Fredric March's place. The story was because George Wells was a state representative.

Some may remember it changed to a town road when the state took over Chestnut Land Road, now Route 109.

That may have been when Grove Street went to the town also.

The present Route 202 was Route 25.

Route 25 also went over Chicken Hill , now Route 67, to Bridgewater to Brookfield and down to Newtown.

It was that way when I was kid.

Have a great day.

Gene Corey