As school lets out for the season and summer moves into full swing with myriad recreational opportunities, it is critical people of all ages pay attention to safety.

Boating, swimming, hiking, bicycle riding, jogging, pickup baseball games -- these are just some of the ways people will be enjoying the warm weather and free time.

And well they should.

With a long, harsh, snow-filled winter and spring floods and violent thunderstorms behind area residents, now is the time to get outdoors, stretch and be active.

We are fortunate the Greater New Milford area is bountiful with scenic places and much to do.

Candlewood Lake and Lake Waramaug are premier boating spots, so much so the lake often is overcrowded, particularly on the weekends.

Boaters need to use caution, avoid excessive speed, and use consideration for one's own and others' safety by not drinking and driving.

As the rule is on highways, so it should be on waterways.

Individuals need to be aware of their swimming ability and the presence of strong currents in rivers and lakes.

Parents should provide life-jackets for children who are not strong swimmers, and teach them to stay where lifeguards are on duty.

This is common sense but worth a reminder because, sadly, accidents do happen, and life can change irreparably in a second.

We hope area residents will enjoy this summer, with all the wonderful ways to be active -- and will stay safe.