To the Editor:

We have seen so many letters to the editor in The Spectrum and the other newspapers lately, I thought I'd add my two cents.

I agree with the the letter from George Fletcher (Spectrum, July 25) about how the taxpayers of New Milford should have a vote on the closing of John Pettibone School.

The voters bought the land and paid to build the school. We should have a say as to what happens, instead of a half-dozen Board of Education members making all the decisions.

I also find it hard to believe in the projections of our future school enrollment that, in two or three years, we will have 45 of 50 empty classrooms in our elementary and Sarah Noble intermediate schools.

These rooms surely could be used in many ways.

I find it hard to believe some of our town officials would want to take the Probate Court and Judge Martin Landgrebe, along with a private office for him and meeting rooms for attorneys and their clients, and stick them in the basement of the Richmond Citizen Center.

What an insult to Judge Landgrebe and others. He and his court could use some of the empty rooms at Pettibone School.

This whole building is fully handicapped accessible and centrally located with open, airy rooms.

The town of New Milford has a responsibility to the Loaves & Fishes program, to provide a place for it.

Mrs. Straub made a very gracious offer to the town, but again just a few people voted that down.

There are many very important and costly decisions to be made and these decisions belong to the people, the taxpayers of our town.

Many suggestions have been made by educated individuals, but they have been ignored by the mayor and others.

It's time for our town officials to listen to qualified, intelligent citizens, instead of a handful of board members pushing their own agendas.

Let's get it to a townwide machine vote, and let the taxpayers decide these important decisions.

George Baxter

New Milford