Suggests possible uses for Pettibone property

To the Editor:

Our budget-minded Board of Education made a poor decision when it voted to close Pettibone School.

If this were to become a reality, what would become of the school building and adjacent land?

It's been suggested the school be sold, and monies from this sale be used to reduce budget expenses.

Sold today, gone tomorrow.

Have you had a treasure, didn't have to sell it, but did?

Now the treasure is gone and the profit from that sale has been used. Was it worth it?

In the case of Pettibone School, wouldn't it be better to:

1) Close the Catherine Lillis building on East Street and move the superintendent's offices and the Youth Agency to Pettibone.

2) Close the Parks & Recreation building on Bridge Street. Yes, move its offices to Pettibone. Here the cafeteria and gymnasium await. Any recreation director I know would love to have this possibility.

3) How about the probate judge? Move in. This transfer would keep Loaves & Fishes in place, at least temporarily.

4) Rent out the remaining space, several rooms, a wing? A day-care facility or a social agency would be a good fit.

5) How about the fields? The town has limited facilities today. Take these fields away, and youth soccer, adult softball and other field activities would be in trouble. The renovated play area would have to be moved.

What a number of possibilities this school would offer but, best of all, the town would retain ownership of the Pettibone complex.

There has to be a dollar savings in closing two old buildings and keeping open fields.

Access to all transferred departments would be improved ... better parking, no steps to climb and easy handicapped entrance.

If the Pettibone School were to be closed to schoolchildren, and I hope it will not be, the town must keep the property.

It would be a win-win solution.

The town's big mistake would be to sell this building and land.

George Fletcher

New Milford