To the Editor:

The first thing the Region 12 Long-Range Planning Committee should do is to review the current Region 12 plan, which states:

1) Each town will have a K-5 school, and

2) There will be a school in each town.

Which changes to the plan will the voters in each town approve?

The current committee seems to be headed toward a consolidated K-12 school, with all students located on a single campus.

Would all three towns accept the younger children (K-5) located on the same campus as the middle and high school, with a building cost of $50- to $70 million, at a time when the enrollment has dropped from a high of 1,169 in 2003, to the 528 students projected for 2022?

This may not be acceptable to the taxpayers, mainly because of the cost.

If the plan were to be changed to say, "Each town will have a school of at least three grades," would that be an acceptable compromise and could it pass a 1047-C regional vote?

For example: Booth -- K-2; Burnham -- 3-5; Shepaug -- 6-8; Shepaug -- 9-12.

The benefits of having the younger students separate from the older students are numerous. Booth and Burnham each would have about 100 students. In this instance, Washington Primary would be closed.

Without an acceptable wording for changes to the regional plan, the work done by the committee would be a wasted effort.

Gerald J. Ronan