To the Editor:

A friend shared with me the other day that, during the season of Lent, instead of giving up something, she would undertake a new challenge.

Each day, she would do something nice for someone else.

Can you imagine personally touching the lives of 40 people in just six weeks?

As one who likes chocolate, I gave that up for Lent one year. At first it was a struggle.

In preparation, I made it a point to get rid of everything chocolate that was in the house.

Lent came and went.

About two weeks after Easter, I realized Lent was over and I could again have chocolate.

I hadn't missed it.

However, you may discipline yourself during Lent, the idea is to change some part of your character and be better for having done so.

You might also add in attendance at one of the beautiful services offered by local churches.

It may make a life-changing difference.

Dan Morton

Oratory of

the Little Way