Studio D dancers perform at fan fest

Studios D’s Dance Company, D-Tour, in New Milford recently danced four back-to-back shows during the “Gilmore Girls” fan fest event in Washington.

Fans stood in a line that looped around the building to meet Miss Patty, played by actress Liz Torres.

Torres then introduced Rebecca Anderson Darling, owner and creative director of Studio D as “the real Miss Patty” in “Gilmore Girls’” fictitious town of Stars Hollow.

Torres went on to introduce the dancers as Ms. Patty’s “real dance school” and spoke about “the importance of keeping the arts in education, and the benefits of the life affirming experience of dance.”

D-Tour performed a collection of original choreography from the company’s 2014, 2015 and 2016 performances at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, as well as choreography from Studio D’s recent productions of “Mary Poppins,” “Fairy Tales” and “Alice in Wonderland.”