Bridgewater shares something very much in common with neighboring Roxbury this budget season.

The town is facing a 2011-12 budget increase driven primarily by its share of the Region 12 education budget.

Selectmen brought in what they term a lean $2.24 million budget figure, up $50,270 or an 2.25 percent over the present year.

"My only concern is that we should be putting more into capital improvements," said First Selectman Bill Stuart of the $60,000 capital projects line.

"We'll have equipment coming up due for replacement," he said, "and need that funding in place."

Add to that $2.24 million the town's portion of the education budget --$5.01 million -- and the total budget registers $7.25 million, a $148,982 increase over 2010-11.

The town's Board of Finance discussed the selectman's proposal Wednesday, April 13 after The Spectrum's press deadline.

Mr. Stuart said he hoped the finance board would increase the capital fund, which had been reduced from $91,700.

­--Susan Tuz