Wellness has many faces.

At Strong Core Team Training in Kent, owner Shannon Strong and her team focus on fitness, nutrition, massage, reflexology and overall wellness.

Chiropractic services are expected to be added in the near future, and Strong is looking for an advanced yoga instructor with shaman meditation experience.

“We try to prevent and try to bring the body back into balance through muscle strengthening, muscle release, eating well, relaxation, reducing stress and more,” Strong said, describing Strong Core’s mission.

Strong, who hails from Warren and is the daughter of well-known lumberjack Cal Strong, renovated a 1,400-square-foot space in the medical building at 64 Maple St. and opened the studio Dec. 1.

The studio’s neighbors include a medical doctor and a physical therapist.

The wellness center features a large area where fitness training classes are offered and four separate rooms in which a variety of practitioners offer their services.

Services include massage therapy (orthopedic, therapeutic, Swedish and energy work), strength classes, personal training, reflexology, Qigong (Chinese medicine that helps to bring the body in balance), spa treatments and nutrition (nutritional guidance and cellular cleansing).

Strong said people of all ages are welcome to seek services at the studio, including those looking to take preventive health measures, those coming out of physical therapy looking to further strengthen themselves, as well as those who seek to improve their overall health and wellness.

So far, men and women have sought services at Strong Core.

“I am thrilled to have discovered Shannon Strong and her team,” said Kent resident Gina Olson. “I had been searching for a gym/trainer, but wanted someone who understands ‘yogic philosophy’ and I found what I was searching for,” she said.

“Shannon’s exercise classes mix yoga with an intense cardio workout,” she said. “Amazing.”

Olson praised the studio’s foam rolling class, describing it as “an excellent self-massage/self care class.”

Every individual who walks through the door is a different case.

“For some people, you almost have to peel away the layers and see what’s holding them back from wellness,” said Strong, who is a certified personal trainer, a nutritional cleansing coach and massage therapist.

Strong said she meets with new clients to learn what their goals are before referring them to the practitioners that will best suit their needs and goals.

If necessary, she said, other practitioners refer clients to medical professionals.

Kristin Kunhardt, owner of Valley Spirit Cooperative & Wellness Center in Washington, said she was excited when she heard Strong planned to open a studio/center. She said Strong had helped her father with strength training and core training that ultimately helped with his balance and confidence and movement.

“Her enthusiasm for learning and for helping people achieve their best physical health is really infectious,” Kunhardt said.

Among the classes Strong teaches are functional interval circuit, core strength, beginner core strength, beginner yoga, foam rolling, FIT for cardiovascular health. The classes accommodate eight to 10 individuals.

Strong has built her life on the foundation of health, fitness and wellness.

Her father taught her how to throw an ax at 11. She studied as a trainer and graduated from the National Personal Training Institute in Norwalk.

Over the years, she said, she “discovered many clients complained of aches and pains and were restricted in their exercise protocol.”

That led her to the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, from which she graduated.

She is teaches lumberjack sports for two high school teams.

In addition to Strong, who is a small-group trainer for classes and a licensed orthopedic massage therapist, Strong Core’s practitioners include Heather Smith and Kayla Soule, licensed massage therapists; Alexandria Stamatiou, corrective exercise personal trainer; Gayle Pantaleo, licensed clinical social worker, who teaches Qigong classes and private sessions; Ilana Pilchowska, reflexologist, who offers nutritional support with green juicing; Linda Fontaine, Reiki and quantum physics; Elaine Lafontan, the psychology of eating (graduating in May) and nutritional cleansing.

Strong Core Team Training wellness center will sponsor a “Green Smoothies Wisdom” program April 22 at 1 p.m. at 64 Maple St. Books by Victoria Boutenko will be available to purchase.

Strong Core Team Training is at 64 Maple St., Suite 1, in Kent. For information, visit shannonsrong.com or call 860-248-0165.