Street pens 'Goodess You' book

Acclaimed spiritual medium and healer, author Jeanne Street of New Milford, recently celebrated the launch of her newest book, “The Goddess You: Principles of Living in Soul Alignment” and the book’s companion, “The Goddess You Journal,” with a book signing event.

Street hosted the event at her Inspirit Healing Studio in the historic 1770’s house at 346 Main Street South in Woodbury.

Street is the founder of Inspirit Healing Studio, where she conducts individual healing sessions, private and group medium readings, spiritual counseling, nutritional guidance, plus angel and superfoods workshops.

She also hosts an in-studio spiritual boutique and conducts an extensive year-long Spiritual Healers’ Course in her studio.

“It is truly a deep, personal desire of mine to guide others to heal themselves,” Street said.

“It is my honor to share the gifts that I receive through messages that I receive from Spirit with others through my books, medium readings, spiritual counseling sessions, workshops and weekly on-line radio program, ‘Angels Don’t Lie,’ ” she said.

In “The Goddess You,” Street provides the reader with insights into the false belief systems the ego puts into place to keep a person living a fear-based life.

“Spiritual alignment and joy is obtained when the book’s reader practices each of 12 principles outlined in ‘The Goddess You’ and replaces fear-based thinking with love thinking,” she said.

Street said the book’s accompanying “The Goddess You Journal” was created as a companion to the “Goddess You” book to help the book’s reader discover themselves on a very deep and loving level.

For more information, visit, or contact her at, or 203-788-9338.