'Stop and say hi to your favorite downtown women-owned business'

To the Editor:

March is Women's History Month and I heard on the news the other day that one way we could promote this is by supporting locally owned women businesses.

As I was driving to work and in my head starting to list just the downtown businesses solely opened by women, there are a lot, and while I am sure this might be true in other towns New Milford, you should be proud!

But while we would love your support this month or on Small Business Saturday, we need your support all year long.

Here is the challenge, and I know it is a hard one. Next time you shop by moving your fingers on a keyboard, stop and think is it possible to find that item or service in town?

I ask you, will that keyboard shopping experience help you when you are raising money for cancer or a marching band or there is the bigger question, “What would my town look like without these women-owned businesses?”

Would there even be a downtown you would like to visit?

So, stop and say hi to your favorite downtown women-owned business; even better buy something or engage their service.

Let’s celebrate all these women mentioned here and all in this town and country who have a vested interest in making our town or your town wonderful.

Ignore the rhetoric. If we want to make this country great start local:#celebratewomen,#shoplocal.

Thank you.

Maureen Kenny


Nutmeg Olive Oil