Stockdale to debut book at library

A meet the author program with Muriel Stockdale will be held Jan. 3 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. at New Milford Public Library.

Stockdale ( will discuss her debut novel, “Gabriel Born,” which merges science and the mystical in an entertaining story.

In the book, the heroine, Sheila, embarks on a mission to save her life with science and ends up transformed by the unusual child she creates.

Sheila, a cold and calculating scientist discovers empathy and love, which sends her in a direction conflicting with the scientific reality she once knew and relied on.

Gabriel, her miraculous son, is a gift she must protect. She and no one else can contain Gabriel. Encounters with her magical child become awe-inspiring events that uplift characters.

Stockdale’s successful 35-year career in entertainment as a designer, director, filmmaker, teacher and artist honed her ability and desire to tell stories.

In 2003, Stockdale created the support group The Institute of Spiritual entertainment dedicated to helping artists share enlightened ideas.

A graduate of the University of Vermont and New York University, Stockdale is also an artist currently completing a study of diverse USA flags entitled - E Pluribus.

The program will be held at the Main Street library.