Student-athletes from the traditionally strong Shepaug Valley High School sports program took their bows June 11 during the school's annual athletic awards ceremony.

Highlighting the evening was the introduction of twins Megan and Michael Piersall as the recipients of Region 12's top individual sports awards.

Megan earned the Joseph Babcock Award as the most accomplished girl athlete over the past four years while Michael claimed the Charles McGinnis as the top boy athlete.

Christina Dumas and Samian Roy took center stage in recognition of their CIAC state scholar-athlete laurels.

Among the team distinctions noted during the two-hour plus program were Berkshire League titles captured by the Spartan swim and girls' tennis teams.

Honored for their athletic accomplishments during the 2009-10 school year:


Academic all-state


Field hockey: Megan Woodruff.

Athletic all-state


Cross country: Andy Pullaro.

Field hockey: Linnea Quist.

Girls' soccer: Samantha Metcalf.


Swimming & diving: Cody Hemibrock.

Berkshire all-star


Boys' cross country: Andy Pullaro.

Field hockey: Linnea Quist.

Girls' soccer: Samantha Metcalf.


Ice hockey: Samian Roy (SWC)

Swimming & diving: Richard Baron, Griffin DeCaro, Gina DeMeo, Patrick Firmender, Cody Heimbrock, Patrick O'Brien, Megan Piersall, Nick Velseboer.


Baseball: Eric Hungerford.

Girls' tennis: Callie Huber, Samantha Metcalf, Catherine Wolk.

Boys' track & field: Andy Pullaro.

Berkshire League



Boys' cross country: Ed Anderson, Jim O'Donnell, Ben Steers.

Girls' cross country: Shannon Bartkus, Tarryn Bartkus, Gina DeMeo, Sarah Paisley, Brooke Parker, Janine Parker, Nikki Parzuchowski.

Field hockey: Lily Bogue, Jessica Cook, Aimee Cowan, Nicole Deanne, Kate DeWitte, Kathryn Droessler, Colleen Koslosky, Bridget McCarthy, Linnea Quist, Aimee Reutzel, Mathi Smith, Megan Woodruff, Emily Zibell.

Boys' soccer: Andrew Catania, Lucas Guliano, Greg Harris, Eric Hungerford, Eddie Kelly, Jesse Steinmetz.

Girls' soccer: Claudia Bierce, Jenni Isaac, Lindsay Isaac, Lexi Lopriore, Ali Moravsky, Marina Scanlon.


Boys' basketball: Joe Guliano, Lucas Guliano, Eric Hungerford, Eddie Kelly, Jesse Steinmetz.

Girls' basketball: Jordan Butler, Melinda Fragomeli, Brittany Hartman, Jenni Isaac, Lindsay Issac, Colleen Koslosky, Lexi Lopriore, Sarah Swanson.

Cheerleading: Catherine Alexander, Melissa Harel, Lindsay Walsh.

Swimming: Jessica Dumas, Gina DeMeo, Chrsitina Dumas, Matt Griffith, Charlotte McConaghy, Megan Piersall, Bruna Pires.


Baseball: Eric Hungerford, Eddie Kelly.

Golf: Mia Landegren.

Softball: Lily Bogue, Aimee Cowan, Kate DeWitte, Melinda Fragomeli, Brittany Hartman, Nicole Hartman, Bridget McCarthy, Sarah Paisley, Linnea Quist, Bonnie Rossiter, Kim Seeger, Mathi Smith.

Boys' tennis: Linden Crumrine, Ellery Rourk, Andrew Stern, Rich Wilhelm.

Girls' tennis: Catherine Alexander, Hanna Landegren, Charlotte McConaghy, Kathryn Paul, Marina Scanlon, Catherine Wolk.

Boys' track & field: Jim O'Donnell, Ben Steers, Jesse Steinmetz, Brendann Welsh.

Girls' track & field: Gina DeMeo, Adrienne Fedyna-Dembeck, Jenni Isaac, Lindsay Isaac, Colleen Koslosky, Lexi Lopriore, Nikki Parzuchowski, Amanda Walsh, Megan Woodruff.


Student-athletes and their level of achievement in Shepaug's point system:

800 points

(silver trophy)

Patrick O'Brien, Megan Piersall, Michael Piersall, Evan Wright.

600 points


Ally Bierce, Jackie Brown, Brett Burmann, Alessandro Criollo, Kathryn Droessler, Julie Elwood, Patrick Firmender, Luis Garcia, Evan Garrity, Joe Guliano, Cody Heimbrock, Eric Hungerford, Kara Linder, Morgan McCarthy, Charlotte McConaghy, Adam Mennonna, Ali Moravsky, Patrick O'Brien, Janine Parker, Andy Pullaro, Linnea Quist, Aimee Reutzel, Bonnie Rossiter, Marina Scanlon, Jesse Steinmetz, Nick Velseboer, Amanda Walsh, Megan Woodruff.

450 points

(athletic vests)

Richard Baron, Cody Brennan, Andrew Catania, Gwen Clair, Evan Corrigan, Aimee Cowan, Paloma Criollo, Linden Crumrine, Nicole Deanne, Gina DeMeo, Christina Dumas, Connor Fairbairn, Luis Garcia, Evan Garrity, Matt Griffith, Kenny Heyne, Jeni Isaac, Lindsay Isaac, Eddie Kelly, Colleen Koslosky, Colleen Lavaway, Hannah Loeb, Lexi Lopriore, Renee Mennonna, Samantha Metcalf, Samian Roy, Sarah Swanson, Nick Velseboer, Tiffany Waldron, Meghan White, Kevin Wolfe, Megan Woodruff.

Award pins and

first-time letters

Shepaug student-athletes also earned leters and pins for their contributions to the program.

-- Norm Cummings