"Call to Service" has taken on a special connotation recently for students at South Kent School active in the school's "Call" program in recent weeks helping victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Raising money to help can be as simple as changing one's clothes, as the boys at South Kent have discovered.

Shakhai Trott organized a fundraising drive with five other students that raised $1,000. Students who participate in the fundraising initiative have been permitted to set aside the standard coat and tie class dress for a day in exchange for a donation.

"Long Island, New York City and the Jersey shore obviously need help in the aftermath of Storm Sandy," said the Rev. Steve Klots, school chaplain and coordinator of the Call to Service group, "and this is how the group decided it could best contribute."

Community service is something students at South Kent don't take lightly.

"It's a part of our culture," says the Rev. Klots, "and all the boys actively participate in deciding how they can best make an impact in our community."

At South Kent, students are divided into three groups called "affinity" groups. During the course of the school year, each affinity group participates

in three different "Calls" designed to guide young men along their Hero's Journey, designed to prepare students to become global leaders.

"The Call to Service groups give our boys an opportunity to act selflessly on behalf of the community," the Rev. Klots said, "and to take on a position of leadership in coordinating and fulfilling their community service."

For more information about South Kent's Call to Service program and other upcoming efforts, email Gonzo Garcia, the school's chief information officer, at garciag@southkentschool.org, or call 860-309-0457.