Many people 50 and over will say "Sure" or "I guess so."

If you answered "yes", you may be taking some medication to remedy your condition.

Did you know that most of the medications used to treat any of these conditions can often cause you to get sleepy or become drowsy? That can be a real concern if you have to drive, according to a recent press release issued by AARP.

Some medications can cause blurred vision or an inability to concentrate as well as drowsiness. Another concern is taking medications with an alcoholic drink or two.

That's even more of a problem because there may be an interaction that could also affect your ability to drive safely.

This tip and more are taught as part of the AARP Driver Safety Program, which costs $10 and is taught in a classroom. Drivers 62 and older are eligible for a minimum 5 percent discount on their auto liability insurance upon course completion. To locate an upcoming class, call (888) 227-7669 or visit