When you're sick or hurt, do you still go to work?

NASCAR drivers do.

There is a long list of drivers who get in their race cars week after week, no matter what.

They race with broken bones, burns, blisters, the flu, and sometimes, even concussions.

I want to mention a few of the drivers who come to mind that maybe should not have been in the car.

Earlier this year, Brad Keselowski broke his left ankle. A week later, he was cleared by a doctor and NASCAR to race at Pocono -- and he won the race.

Last year, Denny Hamlin raced at Martinsville with a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his knee and won. He then went on to win at Texas three weeks after surgery to repair his knee.

The late Dale Earnhardt raced with a broken sternum and collarbone, and many years ago, Richard Petty drove with a broken neck.

Bobby Labonte has raced with a broken shoulder blade and Carl Edwards has been behind the wheel with a broken foot.

Back in the days when I hung around with Ken Schrader and his crew, he cut his thumb almost all the way off.

He was given the option of reattaching the thumb -- thus, he wouldn't be able to race for four to six weeks -- or cut it off so he could race the next day. He had it cut off.

That's how dedicated these guys are to racing and to their race teams.

It's like almost nothing can keep them out of the cars except NASCAR.

In July 2004, Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a fiery crash in a Corvette in the American Le Mans Series at Infineon Raceway. He suffered second-degree burns to his chin and to the inner sides of both legs.

Dale said he swears his late father pulled him out of the race car after it burst into flames. He also admitted months later that he had been driving the race car with a concussion.

I don't know what you're thinking, but I think these guys are crazy.

It puts other drivers, pit crew members, NASCAR officials and fans at risk if these guys are not 100 percent.

I wonder how many others have raced in pain or were sick that we'll never hear about. I'm thinking it's probably a lot.

The Sprint Cup guys are in Homestead Miami for the final race of the season on Sunday starting at 3 p.m. on ESPN.