Sherman voters approve municipal generators

SHERMAN — With taxpayers’ approval, the town will move forward with the purchase two new municipal generators.

Thirteen attendees of a Thursday evening virtual town meeting unanimously voted to approve the allocation of up to $48,000 for the purchase of generators for Mallory Town Hall and the public works building.

The Board of Selectmen plans to spend no more than $20,000 on a permanent generator for public works and up to $28,000 for one at town hall.

Funding for the machines will come out of the town’s capital and non-recurring account and be reimbursed by a state grant.

Sherman’s public works department has a generator, but the more than 30-year-old machine is broken. Not only is it difficult to get parts for such an old generator, but it would cost about $4,000 to fix the machine if the needed part were found, Lowe said.

Lowe said a generator at Mallory Town Hall — which has never had one before — would be of great use and serve an “emergency need” during power outages.

The town’s business administrator, Liz LaVia, agreed.

“When the power goes out, we can’t work from home because most of us dial into the server, so it’s not (just) a matter of non-productivity,” LaVia said. “A lot of things just come to a screeching halt, and a lot of those things are critical to the function of the town — especially when the rest of the town is without power.”

Assistant Fire Chief Bob Acosta was also in favor of a town hall generator, saying it “would be a good backup for the firehouse.”

“If, God forbid, the generator at the firehouse doesn’t work, at least we could move some of our stuff and communicate out of town hall,” he said.