Sherman theater to stage Williams plays

The Sherman Playhouse will open for the season with a performance of three of Tennessee Williams' one-act plays under the title of “3 By Tenn.” March 13.

Following opening night, the performances will be staged Friday and Saturday nights at 8 p.m. March 13-28,, as well as March 15 and 22 at 2 p.m.

The plays are directed by Katherine Almquist whose past directorial credits include “Dividing the Estate,” “Blythe Spirit,” “Venus and Fur” and “The House of Blue Leaves.”

The plays will feature Stacy-Lee Frome, Susan Abrams, Joe Russo, Reesa Nestor, David Almquist, Robin Frome, Agnes Fohn, Jeff Rossman, Bill Kenyon, Beth Bonnebeau and Noel Desiato.

The set was constructed by Peter Carlson and costumes designed by Joe Russo.

The first offering is “The Gnadiges Fraulein,” which is set in a rickety bunkhouse, for “permanent transients,” whose characters include a society columnist, a frowzy crone, a demented former Viennese vaudevillian, a Cacaloony bird and a blond-wigged Indian.

In the second play, two lonely children inhabit “This Property Is Condemned,” abandoned and aching for human connection.

The third selection features overdressed, heavily rouged ladies, “... in the autumn of their youth” who hit the town for a high old time during an annual convention in “A Perfect Analysis Given By A Parrot.”

A special talk back performance will be offered March 15 with Dr. Joe Jeffreys, a Williams dramatrurge from The Tisch School at NYU.

As a theatre historian, Jeffreys has published in journals including The Drama Review, Women & Performance, Theatre History Studies and biography.

His theatre and book reviews have been widely published in periodicals including The Village Voice, TheateWeek, The Advocate and The Lambda Book Report.

A special LGBT and friends night is slated for March 13 performance.

For more information, tickets and reservations, call the 5 Route 39 playhouse at 860-354-3622.