A Danbury man has been sentenced to nine years in prison on charges including the April 28, 2011 Webster Bank robbery in Sherman.

Todd Froehlich, 39, was found guilty June 7 in a jury trial in Superior Court of Danbury on charges of first-degree robbery in the Sherman bank robbery, first-degree conspiracy to commit robbery in an April 18, 2011 Newtown bank robbery and possession of narcotics.

Mr. Froehlich was sentenced to serve two concurrent, nine-year sentences in prison and then 10-year special parole to begin on his release from prison.

He is presently incarcerated at Cheshire Correctional Institution with a release date of April 26, 2020.

Under the conditions of special parole, Mr. Froehlich would be returned to prison to serve for however many years are left in the parole sentence, if found in violation of the parole terms, explained State's Attorney Colleen Zingaro.

No weapon was displayed at the time of the Sherman bank robbery but Mr. Froehlich implied he had one in a note passed to the teller, police said.

Mr. Froehlich was arrested April 28, 2011 by state police, hours after the Webster Bank in the Sherman Green Marketplace had been robbed. He was taken into custody after crashing his car at the end of a pursuit on Super 7 north near the Brookfield-Danbury line, police said.

Newtown police served Mr. Froehlich with an arrest warrant during his arraignment on the Sherman bank robbery charges at Danbury Superior Court, identifying him as the getaway driver in the April 18, 2011 Chase Bank robbery in Newtown.

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