Sherman, Washington awarded state open space grants

Conservation groups in Sherman and Washington are among the 23 organizations awarded state matching grants this week to further protect land in towns across the state.

In Sherman, the Naromi Land Trust will receive $76,500 from the state to purchase nearly 38 acres of land off Evans Hill Road. The Steep Rock Association in Washington will get $886,500 to purchase nearly 51 acres of land on West Mountain Road.

In all, 2,005 acres of land will be protected in Connecticut with $6.05 million of help from the state, according to a news release. The grants, awarded through the Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition program, assists local governments, land trusts, and water companies in purchasing open space using funding from the Community Investment Act and state bond funds.

“Connecticut’s tradition of preserving open space has helped define our landscape and preserve its important natural resources and geographical beauty,” Governor Dannel P. Malloy said in a statement. “These grants continue our open space preservation legacy and will increase the availability of open space for our residents across our state.”

In Washington, Steep Rock will protect the Johnson farm in the southeastern part of town. It is comprised of 38 acres of farmland, 12 acres of forest and 10 acres of wetlands that stream into Sprain Brook. The Sherman land, or Eastman Parcel, is on the northern edge of town just south of the Ten Mile River. It is all undeveloped forest, and neighbor lands are already protected by the Naromi Land Trust and the Appalachian Trail.