Meg Shaw knew at a young age hairdressing would be an integral part of her life.

“This is what I love to do,” the Gaylordsville resident said. “I was born to do this.”

She worked in salons for many years but after having her two youngest children — twins born nine weeks early several years ago — she became keenly aware of the importance of service providers, such as a hairdresser, having flexible hours.

That realization prompted her to open a mobile hairdressing business, Meg’s Mobile Hairdressing and Spray Tanning, two years ago.

Shaw said once her twins were home, nurses, physician assistants, an occupational therapist and a physical therapist were among the providers who visited her home for follow-up visits.

“Everyone came to me because I couldn’t get out,” she said, referring to her 5-pound newborns and a 5-year-old. “I didn’t leave the house.”

Once her children were nursed back to health, she pitched the idea of a mobile business to her husband and friends, who fully supported the idea.

“Life is busy, and you need to take shortcuts when you can,” the licensed hairdresser, who grew up in Danbury, said.

Shaw brings all the necessary hairdressing supplies in a suitcase with her to clients’ homes, where she offers a variety of services: one process color, two process color, low lights, high lights, Keratin treatments, scalp and conditioner treatments, haircuts, blow dry, updos and spray tans.

“She’s done a really good job,” said Sara DiFabbio-Keeler, of New Milford, who first learned of the business through a mom’s group on Facebook about a year ago and has since been a client.

“She’s very personable and always done a nice job,” she said.

“Megan is professional and does a fabulous job,” said Megan Stifel Nevins, of Ridgefield, who sought Shaw’s services for a haircut and spray tanning, and for a haircut for her daughter.

Nevins cited the convenience of Shaw’s service for her “busy schedule.”

Shaw’s clients are mostly women, but she also provides hair services to men and children.

She charges a small travel fee to serve clients in New Milford, Kent, Bridgewater, Roxbury, Brookfield, Danbury, Ridgefield, Newtown, Southbury and Woodbury.

Shaw said her clients range from moms with young children to clients who work long shifts and find it hard enough to find time to sleep, let along get their hair done.

“I do it for (the clients),” Shaw said of her flexible hours that accommodate her customers’ schedules. “I make myself available.”

DiFabbio-Keeler said she doesn’t like to spend time away from her son, Rowan, 2, when she isn’t working. Having her hair cut at home makes it possible for them to spend more time together, and allows Rowan to even “run in and give me a hug” during a haircut.

Shaw, who graduated with a hairdressing license from Henry Abbott Tech, has 18 years’ experience in the industry. She has taken several continuing education courses for color and cutting in New York City.

“I have the opportunity to make people feel better about themselves,” Shaw said.

Clients find having their done at their home enables them to get other things done at the house — like throwing a load of laundry in the washing machine, making diner, or helping the kids with their homework — all while waiting for, for example, color to set.

The hairdresser said many people — women, in particular — have “guilt when they do things for themselves.” But having hair done at home is “guilt free.”

Shaw said she understands how precious time is.

“I can relate (to the clients),” Shaw said. “I have three kids, a husband, a business.”

Shaw not only travels to people’s homes. She works at funeral homes, and is available to go to hotels for weddings and tannings.

She is also willing to go to businesses that might be interested in offering on-site hairdressing services to their employees.

For more information, call Meg’s Mobile Hairdressing and Spray Tanning at 203-648-0884 or visit the business on Facebook.